Bruce Sherman

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Strategic ADVISOR

Bruce Sherman is a strategic advisor at PeaceTech Lab. PeaceTech Lab works to reduce violent conflict, using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts. Headquartered at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP), the Lab carries out its mission in close collaboration with public and private sector partners.

As a strategic advisor at PeaceTech Lab, Bruce is leading two peacebuilding media projects: 24/7 TV and digital channels with leading local partners, Channels TV in Nigeria and Hum Network Ltd in Pakistan. Bruce also manages the Lab's partnership with the Netherlands-based RNW Media and directs the joint deep dive series examining the role of media in conflict zones.Prior to joining the Lab, Bruce served in varying capacities from 1996-2016 as head of strategy, research, and development for the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, parent organization of the Voice of America other U.S. government-funded media properties. During this period, BBG’s worldwide audiences rose from 85 to 226 million with corresponding annual budget growth from $425 to $740 million. Bruce holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees from St. John’s College and the University of Florida, respectively. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.