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Deep Dive Yemen

Exploring how innovative uses of media, technology, and direct engagement can accelerate positive social change, counter radicalization, and build peace.

Yemen is the Arab world's poorest and least developed country, caught in the grip of a protracted, complex civil war, with continuing Saudi bombing and rising extremism. Despite an operating environment fraught with peril, selected international NGOs are still operating on the ground with local partners, providing critical humanitarian assistance and seeking to promote development.

On November 4th, partners PeaceTech Lab and RNW Media chose to make Yemen the focus of their first event in a new Deep Dive Series: a set of discussions involving researchers, experts, NGO practitioners, and funders who join together to probe the media and political environments of countries affected by conflict, mine the latest research data for strategic insights, take stock of current program activity, and then step back ask what more can and should be done to foster peace and stability and aid the suffering population – with the aim of generating new project suggestions and possible partnerships.

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