PeaceTech Lab produces curriculum-based radio, television, and other multimedia content in collaboration with USIP to inspire changes in attitudes and behavior.


Countering Hate Speech in South Sudan

Since the outbreak of violence in the world's newest country in December 2013, South Sudanese have called attention to how hate speech has inflamed further violent conflict. To address this problem, PeaceTech Lab developed an approach for identifying and monitoring the use of hate speech and how it is connected to rising tensions and violence in the country. This includes a lexicon of hate speech terms, cutting-edge social media analysis, and in-country expertise. 


Salam shabab

PeaceTech Lab is helping to highlight and address the many challenges faced by Iraqi youth by producing a peacebuilding television program called Salam Shabab (Peace Youth). The television series is backed by a growing online community on Facebook.

Sawa Shabab

Sawa Shabab (Together Youth) radio series is produced locally by Free Voice South Sudan in collaboration with USIP to promote peace and stability by empowering youth to be confident, open-minded and participatory citizens in a diverse society.


Peace Media for Building Youth Resilience in Somalia

PeaceTech Lab, together with partners at Media Ink, has launched a multi-media program designed to help build the capabilities of Somali youth in using technology to build peace in two regions of Somalia. The program will enable collaboration among youth, local government and community radio stations in Jubaland and Southwest states working toward the same goal. Youth in these regions are at heightened risk of radicalization by al-Shabaab, while also facing daily challenges such as unemployment and displacement.

The Lab will implement the peacebuilding and youth outreach program in three stages, while drawing on its experience implementing similar programs in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

The first stage involves working with Media Ink to produce a fifteen-episode radio drama in Mai and Mahatiri dialects of the Somali language. The program will air on four local stations in Baidoa and Kismayo. 

The second stage of the project involves direct engagement with youth fans of the radio drama through a social media community and SMS platform customized for audience interaction. Youth “ambassadors” will be trained to lead the interaction with fans by contributing to online content and facilitating conversation via SMS.

The last phase of the project includes a PeaceTech Exchange workshop for 30 youth in Mogadishu. Youth will work with tech trainers to develop their technology capacities and ultimately lead tech-based peacebuilding projects in their own communities.

The project is funded by USAID/OTI through a grant from IOM.