PeaceTech Lab Africa Director Theo Dolan discusses Hate Speech on #WorldPressFreedomDay

Radio Miraya

Theo Dolan, Director of PeaceTech Lab Africa and PeaceMedia, discusses the problem of hate speech in South Sudan, how people can take steps to verify and report instances of hate speech or "fake news," and encourages professional media outlets to report on cases of misinformation.

Intro by Radio Miraya: 

Theo Dolan, the Director of PeaceTech Lab Africa, a US based organisation working for individuals and communities affected by conflict, says communities need to be made aware of hate speech and its dangers.  Dolan says some people may not know that their language is hateful or derogatory.  For the case of South Sudan, he says freedom of speech comes along with a responsibility to educate on the impact of hateful discourse.  Hate speech is language that fosters discrimination or violence against a group of people for reasons related to their ethnicity, gender, nationality or religion.