Twila Tschan

Communications Coordinator

Twila N. Tschan serves as the Communications Coordinator at PeaceTech Lab. PeaceTech Lab works for individuals and communities affected by conflict, using technology, media, and data to accelerate local peacebuilding efforts.

Twila’s passion is connecting people, ideas, and solutions. Prior to joining the Lab, Twila worked in Business Development at Webtrends, a pioneer of the big data analytics industry. It was there that Twila first encountered the power of digital tools to influence decisions and change lives.

Twila is currently pursuing her M.A. in Global Communication at George Washington University. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of South Alabama, Twila was honored with a full-ride scholarship, French, German, and Military History Student of the Year accolades, and had the opportunity to study the UN, ICRC, WTO, WHO, and other INGOs in Geneva under the auspices of the Quaker United Nations Office. Her proudest accomplishment to date, however, is six years as a cancer survivor and advocate.