Meet PeaceTech Lab.

The Lab works to reduce violent conflict using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts.

We’re an independent nonprofit organization that brings together engineers and activists, MBAs and conflict experts, social scientists, data scientists, and other innovators to develop effective peacebuilding solutions.


Who We Are.

PeaceTech Lab works for individuals and communities affected by violent conflict, using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale local peacebuilding efforts. Our programs emphasize a data-driven, cross-sector approach, engaging everyone from student engineers and citizen journalists to Fortune 500 companies in scaling the impact of peacetech.

The Lab was established as the Center of Innovation by the U.S. Institute of Peace in 2008 and became an independent nonprofit with expert staff and board of directors in 2014. We work in close partnership with governments, foundations, companies, and NGOs worldwide.


Help Build Peace.

“We are here to retake the soul of technology. To elevate its power for good above its power for harm so that it realizes its full potential - not just as an industry that creates jobs and wealth - but as a peacetech industry that empowers people to save lives.”

- Sheldon Himelfarb, President and CEO of PeaceTech Lab