for Radical Collaboration

Conflict is about complex human dynamics - which are often culturally specific. This means that effective technology solutions require deep local knowledge – of the conflict, the geography and the technology environment.

PeaceTech Lab harnesses the power of cross-discipline and cross-generational collaboration among conflict management professionals, the tech sector, academia, and government.

PeaceTech Lab is a model of radical collaboration – across disciplines, across technologies, and across generations. 


Peacetech Fellows

PeaceTech Lab houses a number of experts from conflict zones around the world, both in (a) technology platforms that have particular relevance to conflict management, and (b) conflict issues that have a technical or scientific component, or have a history of being addressed through technology-based interventions.

For Speed and Agility

Speed matters in preventing and managing conflicts, and the probability of reaching nonviolent solutions instead of military ones are highest in what ‘s called the “early gestation phase” of a conflict.

 So, the  Lab will be a data hub, having partnerships with social media and big data companies to develop tools for early warning, decision-making, collaboration, and evaluation.

The PeaceTech Lab will allow people to be more effective in their work by connecting them to conflict zones via innovative and immersive communication technologies. 


OSRx uses new methods of data collection, analysis, and visualization to improve peacebuilders’ decision-making and collaboration capabilities. We are looking for partners and data contributors. 

For Local Adoption

Unlike many tech developers, PeaceTech Lab is focused on building solutions for environments where violent conflicts occur, which are often low-bandwidth, power-deprived, and dangerous. Right now, too much peacetech gets build without intimate knowledge of local constraints

The PeaceTech Lab will be a place where thinkers and doers can envision, prototype, and produce new technology concepts to be used in the field, such as mobile applications, mapping software, and new communication tools.

PeaceTech Lab will look for gaps that can be filled by adapting and mashing up off-the-shelf consumer tech for local consumption. 

A Global Industry

How do we realize the potential impact of peacetech? Our belief is that we need to scale this work to have a real impact. We need to go beyond pilot projects, and inspire a global peacetech industry. 

Creating such an industry begins, like any other: identifying critical needs and buyers willing to pay for the products and services that meet these needs. 

 The PeaceTech Accelerator, a collaboration between C5 Capital Limited, Amazon Web Services, and PeaceTech Lab, is the first major international peacetech program powered by cloud innovation and dedicated to scaling start-ups around the world.