for Radical Collaboration

Conflict is about complex human dynamics -- which are often culturally specific. This means that effective technology solutions require deep local knowledge – of the conflict, the geography and the technology environment.

PeaceTech Lab will harness the power of cross-discipline and cross-generational collaboration among conflict management professionals, the tech sector, academia, and government.

The PeaceTech Lab will be a model of radical collaboration – across disciplines, across technologies, and across generations. 

Peacetech Fellows

The PeaceTech Lab will house a number of experts from conflict zones around the world, both in (a) technology platforms that have particular relevance to conflict management, and (b) conflict issues that have a technical or scientific component, or have a history of being addressed through technology-based interventions.

Young Engineers PRogram

University seniors and graduate students will be brought into the Lab on 6-month stints so that we can ensure inter-generational collaboration.