groundTruth Global

groundTruth Global is a SaaS solution providing early warning of social and economic disruption due to volatility in fragile and emerging economies.


What's the connection between online hate narratives and violence on the ground? How do we begin to understand those connections? 

To address these questions, PeaceTech Lab combines cutting-edge social media analysis with in-country expertise to identify terms likely to incite violence, and their social and political context. From this research, PeaceTech Lab has developed Lexicons for the South Sudan and Kenyan contexts, and also identified alternative language to mitigate the impact of this speech.

Terrorist Incidents Map

In recent years, an increasing number of terrorist attacks have shocked communities around the world. Many of the gravest attacks have occurred in nations often overlooked by Western media, such as Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, and Bangladesh, as well as in more familiar war-torn locales like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

This map, a collaboration between the Esri Story Maps team and PeaceTech Lab, uses crowdsourced data from Wikipedia to present a chronology of terrorist attacks around the globe. 

Open situation Room Exchange

The Open Situation Room Exchange (OSRx) project seeks to empower greater collective impact in preventing or mitigating serious violent conflicts in particular arenas through collaboration and data sharing.  We seek to devise an operational framework of relationships and supportive technologies that increase the sharing of actionable information, analysis and strategies of peaceful change among local and international peacebuilding organizations and host-country actors.


This initiative uses new data analysis tools to understand the power of online discourse to both promote and prevent conflict. In partnership with George Washington University, we have hosted conferences both in Washington, DC and Silicon Valley that have brought together a wide range of leading academic and industry experts. These conferences have resulted in three reports that laid out an influential framework for analyzing the impact of new media on politics, with a special focus on the Middle East.