#WarWontWait for Giving Tuesday. Neither Will We.

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“I like Storymaker because of the ease in dealing with options and settings, along with the digital security made available for the journalist.”

Since the start of November:

Approximately 572,000 people have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to violence and political instability;

Sixty-seven terrorist attacks have been recorded, even in places like India, Kenya, Australia, and Thailand;

And conflict has cost the world over $525 billion.

#WarWontWait for Giving Tuesday. Neither will we. And while we may not be able to end these conflicts today, we have the power to support local activists and entrepreneurs who hold the keys to a better tomorrow. That’s why we make it our mission to put the right tools into the hands of those working to address the world’s toughest problems.

Problems like scale and funding for peacetech entrepreneurs. Since its creation in April 2017, the PeaceTech Accelerator has provided mentorship, training, and an opportunity to pitch investors to 36 startups whose founders hail from 24 different countries. From developing apps to warn Syrian civilians when and where bombs may be headed next, to delivering high-tech job training for marginalized youths in post-conflict regions, the PeaceTech Accelerator program continues to work with startups that are using tech to build 21st century solutions for age-old problems.

Problems like hate speech and fake news. PeaceTech Lab Lexicons are used by journalists, governments, companies, and NGOs to understand specific, inflammatory terms that span everything from youth radicalization in Kenya to upcoming elections in Nigeria and Cameroon. As part of our work on hate speech, we also held workshops on how to identify and avoid inflammatory language with journalists from ChannelsTV, Nigeria’s largest independent news broadcaster.

Problems like recruitment by terrorist organizations. Niger, one of the poorest countries on earth, is prime recruiting ground for groups like Boko Haram. In 2018, we trained 124 NGOs and activists in Agadez, Niamey, and Zinder to use technology in their work to counter extremism. Despite rolling electrical blackouts and 120+ degree days, participants pitched and received funding for projects like mentoring previously arrested, at-risk youth via WhatsApp, promoting human rights awareness to vulnerable migrant groups via podcast, and mapping instances of extremism. With the help of our local partner, we are now piloting a permanent center for training: Tech House Niger.

You don’t have to wait until Giving Tuesday to be part of these solutions. Donate to the Lab today and you’ll be supporting peacebuilders on the frontlines of using tech for good, in some of the world’s most challenging places.

Give to PeaceTech Lab

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