Stopping Online Hate Speech.

PeaceTech Lab works to prevent, counter and stop hate speech on social media in conflict-affected countries around the world.


Combining Cutting-Edge Social Media Analysis with Local Expertise.

PeaceTech Lab is leading the field in hate speech prevention. Our team of expert analysts, based both at our headquarters in Washington, D.C. and around the world, analyze online hate speech to help thwart the threat of on-the-ground violence in countries affected by conflict. We define hate speech as language that can incite others to discriminate or act against individuals or groups based on their ethnic, religious, racial, gender or national identity. PeaceTech Lab also acknowledges the role of “dangerous speech,” a heightened form of hate speech that can catalyze mass violence.


Our Hate Speech Lexicons.

PeaceTech Lab’s series of hate speech Lexicons identify and explain inflammatory language on social media while offering alternative words and phrases that can be used to prevent and stop the spread of hate speech in conflict-affected countries. Our Lexicons serve as a pivotal resource for local peacebuilders and organizations working to stop and prevent hate speech worldwide.

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Case Study: Hate Speech in South Sudan.

From 2016 - 2017, PeaceTech Lab undertook extensive research to understand the role online hate speech plays in contributing to violence on-the-ground in South Sudan. We aim for this research to serve as a leading example of the serious impact online hate speech can have in fragile and conflict-affected countries.


Online Hate Speech Monitoring Reports.

Online hate speech provides fuel for South Sudan’s ongoing violent conflict. PeaceTech Lab analyzed online hate speech trends in the world’s newest country throughout 2017 to better understand how hate speech contributes to violence.

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