GroundTruth Global

Combining human and machine intelligence to anticipate social and economic disruption worldwide.


GroundTruth is a SaaS solution providing early warning of social and economic disruption due to volatility in fragile and emerging economies.


groundTruth Indicators.png

GroundTruth serves peacebuilders and their missions by providing:

  • Real-time alerts and visibility into local ground conditions

  • Continuous updates of groundTruth indicators for identification of risk factors

  • Expert commentary and trend analysis

  • Resources to respond proactively to potential conflicts


GroundTruth goes beyond indices and other risk assessment tools by combining multi-lingual processing, deep learning, and predictive analytics with a range of big and local data sources to provide insight into events on the ground as they unfold.

The platform integrates sophisticated data science capabilities with connections to local networks to provide a valuable early warning and response mechanism for organizations worldwide.



The increasing availability of internet, social media, and foreign direct investment in fragile economies brings both great opportunity and great risk for organizations operating in these countries. 

Costs of Instability.png

Business Costs

  • Safety of Employees and Families

  • Supply Chain Disruption

  • Manufacturing Disruption

  • Service Disruption

Human Costs

  • Harm to citizens and communities

  • Violent Extremism

  • Mass Migration

  • Disease Outbreak