PeaceTech Lab reduces violent conflict using technology, media, and data.

Inside PeaceTech Lab.

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No Ordinary Purpose, No Ordinary Place.

The Lab is located in the William Jefferson Clinton Center for Peace and Technology. Clinton served as President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, an era of transformative peace, prosperity, and technological advancement. The Center offers peacemakers, activists, researchers, technologists, and leaders a space to create and share solutions, embodying the Clinton legacy of bringing people together to build peace. The Lab operates as a 24/7 hub for real-time communication, engineering, and training to develop and deploy new tools for peacebuilding.

The Lab is a collaborative space where experts in technology work with experts in peacebuilding and with fellows from conflict zones to build new tools for the field. Given the unpredictable nature of conflict, PeaceTech Lab accommodates a working rhythm that is as urgent as war itself.

We’d love to host you at our space. Whether for an event, a company meeting, or a project, just contact us so we can tell you more.