PeaceTech Lab is currently housed in the headquarters of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, DC.

By summer 2018, we will be located in USIP’s Potomac Annex Building 7. Once the site of the Washington Naval Hospital and the U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, this is a historic center for science and technology and a fitting home for what will be the nation’s first facility where engineers and scientists work alongside experts in peacebuilding to save lives. 

Read a companion piece about the Lab's physical layout.

Collaborative Flex Spaces

The PeaceTech Lab building will be a flexible, scalable space for collaboration comprised of communal work tables and mobile workstations. The flex space can also be transformed into a large virtual staging area where Lab staff, peacebuilders, and technology volunteers can convene en masse in response to crises around the world.

The Open Situation Room

The heartbeat of the Lab will be its Open Situation Room Exchange. Washington, DC is known for its closed, government-to-government situation rooms – the White House and Departments of State and Defense. OSRx will be open, working 24/7.  It will monitor and analyze data from news sources, Tweets, YouTube uploads and more to proactively connect with our partners in the field.

Project Rooms

PeaceTech Lab will be home to multiple cross-disciplinary teams working intensely on small group projects. Glassed-in meeting rooms of various sizes, each equipped with monitors and conference tables, will provide space for each project to develop. These rooms can host breakout sessions, small meetings, and conference calls.  The Lab will have a 21st century workshop equipped with rapid fabrication technology for hacking and prototyping new applications of off-the-shelf technology.