Private Sector Support for Development and Peacebuilding

Once the primary domain of government, the private sector has taken an active role in supporting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of development and peacebuilding. 

Major corporations like Kaiser Permanente, LEGO, Qualcomm, Nike, and Citi, to name just a few, have embraced any of the SDGs that align with core business activities. These companies are actively supporting a wide range of areas from healthy communities and children’s learning to bringing wireless technology to underserved communities and promoting diversity in business. In a recent study of 729 companies from 21 countries, Price Waterhouse Cooper concluded that 72% of companies include SDGs in their annual corporate or sustainability report and 50% of companies have identified priority SDGs.

PeaceTech Lab was launched to scale peacebuilding and technology work using a cross-discipline team, combining the knowledge of social scientists with data scientists and the knowledge of conflict experts with technologists and engineers. At the same time, we’re working to include funding and support from companies and philanthropy as well as government so we can keep sustainably scaling, accelerating, and innovating for peace.

Commentary by Tim Receveur | Director, PeaceTech Exchanges | PeaceTech Lab

Kelly HoyeComment