Peace Media

PeaceTech Lab produces curriculum-based radio, television, and other multimedia content to inspire change in attitudes and behavior.


Sawa Shabab

Now in its fourth season, Sawa Shabab (Together Youth) is a peacebuilding radio series aired by nearly 30 local stations across South Sudan. The series follows the daily lives of young South Sudanese as they face unique challenges while learning how to become peacebuilders in their communities. 


Countering Hate Speech in south sudan

Since the outbreak of violence in December 2013, South Sudanese have called attention to the role hate speech plays in inciting further conflict. To address this problem, PeaceTech Lab developed an approach for identifying and monitoring hate speech, which includes a lexicon of hate speech terms, cutting-edge social media analysis, and in-country expertise. 


Salam shabab

PeaceTech Lab helped to highlight and address the many challenges faced by Iraqi youth by producing a peacebuilding television program called Salam Shabab (Peace Youth). Though no longer in production, the television series is still backed by a growing online community on Facebook.


Building Youth Resilience in Somalia

PeaceTech Lab, together with partners at Media Ink, is launching a multi-media program that will work to enable collaboration among youth, local government, and community radio stations to help build the capabilities of Somali youth in using technology to craft peace in Jubaland and Southwest states.  Youth in these regions are at heightened risk of radicalization by al-Shabaab and face daily challenges including unemployment and displacement.