Salam Shabab (Peace Youth) began as the first real life television program made to promote the empowerment of Iraqi youth. Filmed and produced in Iraq, each season of Salam Shabab followed 54 Iraqi teens from six different provinces as they produce their own short films, perform on stage, and use teamwork to win sport and mental challenges. 

Over time the project developed an active social media presence with significant following from youth across the Middle East. The goal of this online community is to create an environment that empowers youth to participate in peacebuilding in their communities through the use of technology. Whether by providing MENA youth with access to online toolkits that train them on the use of technology to be applied in civic engagement or by fostering a digital space that encourages them to participate in civil society and share their narratives, Salam Shabab seeks to improve knowledge and promote attitudes and shape behaviors that lead to an effective peacebuilding community in the Middle East.