Promoting Peace and Stability by Empowering Youth.

Now four seasons in, Sawa Shabab (Together Youth) is a dramatic peacebuilding radio series aired by nearly 30 local stations across all states of South Sudan. The radio drama follows the daily lives of young South Sudanese as they face unique challenges while learning how to become peacebuilders in their communities. 

Produced locally by Free Voice South Sudan in collaboration with PeaceTech Lab and the United States Institute of Peace, the series promotes peace and stability by empowering youth to be confident, open-minded, participatory citizens in a diverse society.

Each season of the radio drama series consists of twenty episodes in English and Arabic. The first two seasons aired in 2014 and 2015 on Radio Miraya, the Catholic Radio Network and other stations in South Sudan. Sawa Shabab has a reach that includes IDP and refugee camps such as Kakuma in Kenya as well as South Sudanese remaining in conflict-affected areas.