One Village, A Thousand Voices

A Radio Drama and Live Call-In Show Focused on Justice and Youth in Afghanistan

One Village, A Thousand Voices (OVATV) is a radio drama and call in show focusing on a variety of justice issues affecting Afghan youth. Partners Equal Access and Radio Azadi produce and broadcast the program throughout Afghanistan. The drama features young Afghans struggling to make their voices heard in village-level disputes. Each story is fictionalized and is meant to entertain and educate, with rule-of-law themes drawn from USIP’s own training and research experience in Afghanistan as well as Kabul-based writing teams composed of Afghan legal subject matter experts.

A 12-minute original episode is broadcast each week in Dari and Pashto, followed by a 17-minute live call-in show with legal experts on hand to answer questions from listeners about specific points of law. These follow up programs get an average of 70-100 calls per show. Radio remains the primary information and entertainment platform on a large scale in underdeveloped, mostly rural Afghanistan, and OVATV is broadcast during peak hours in the morning and evening four times a week. The show has also developed Twitter, Facebook and Dari and Pashto websites (, where visitors can participate in facilitated discussions and download episodes.