Time to End the Hate: Peace is Trending

The Jersusalem Post

PeaceTech Labs and YaLa Young Leaders take to social media to promote peace in the younger generation and oppose online hate and incitement.

Dr. Sheldon Himelfarb, president of PeaceTech Labs, who has been following the situation in Israel closely, brings some truths to light. "Countering the social media messaging has come from both Israelis and Palestinians. And it can be impactful. We've seen good research that shows the power of swarming extremists online with counter messaging can help to drown out the extremists and cause them to cease and desist. I'm hoping we'll hear more from voices like the YaLa group of young Israeli and Palestinian leaders, who have found common ground before opposing violence, and who use social media very effectively to grow and connect with networks on both sides," Himelfarb says. "If there is a solution to reducing violence in Israel and around the world, technology plays a lead role. For every new violent extremist recruit swayed through social media, there is another digital citizen that could be using "peacetech" to counter violence."

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