Good Governance: A Driving Force for Peace in Fragile States


While it may seem that conflict is constantly bubbling up around the globe, there are scores of people working to keep tensions from boiling over on a daily basis. From creating paths for hostile governments to compromise over natural resources to implementing technology to gather data in conflict zones, there are real strides being made to maintain peace in conflict and “post-conflict” zones. No matter what the method or plan, however, all agree that before any method can efficiently work, good governance must be in play.

“What we see as probably the biggest instigator of conflict is feelings around injustice,” said Rebecca Wolfe, the director of conflict management at Mercy Corps. “The governance issues are critical.” An all-around conflict expert, Wolfe was referring to her work with youth engagement in Kenya, where young people, sometimes gang members, were able to engage with local governments about what was happening around them. Before that could happen, however, local leaders had to be transparent and accountable.

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