C5 Partners Open Application Process for World’s First Peacetech Accelerator

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C5, PeaceTech Lab and Amazon Web Services will employ a mentoring programme and cloud computing to scale up companies and organisations creating technology for use in conflict zones

Washington, D.C. 19 December, 2016 – C5 Capital Limited (“C5”), the London-headquartered technology investment specialist focused on investing in cloud, cyber and big data today announced that it is now accepting applications from startups and not for profits working in peacetech for its new Washington DC-based accelerator, powered by Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) in partnership with PeaceTech Lab. This is the first major international peacetech program powered by cloud innovation and dedicated to scaling start-ups around the world. 

Interest in peacetech is growing as companies and individuals look to produce innovative technologies that manage, mitigate, predict or even prevent conflict and promote sustainable peace. The accelerator will be housed at PeaceTech Lab, an independent non-profit created in 2014 by the United States Institute of Peace (“USIP”) and located at USIP’s headquarters on the National Mall. The accelerator will select the best for-profit and not-for-profit companies working in peacetech.

Each cohort will go through an eight-week structured program of mentorship, divided into a series of sprints or tutorials that cover all aspects of scaling up. C5, AWS and PeaceTech Lab will collaboratively develop and conduct the training, which will be delivered by a resident Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) and supported by a highly-experienced group of prominent international technology entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and peace innovators drawn from the C5, AWS and PeaceTech Lab networks. Following the program, cohort companies will enter a peer network for ongoing support and guidance.

This collaboration builds on an existing relationship between C5 and AWS, in which AWS supports C5 accelerators with expertise and support to help train program participants on cloud computing services. With the AWS Cloud, PeaceTech accelerator participants can take advantage of the power of cloud technology to help launch and grow a business rapidly, securely, and cost effectively.

Bee Heal, Program Director for the PeaceTech Accelerator at C5 said, “Cloud enables startups to scale up globally at record speed to solve the biggest problems of our time. We are delighted to launch this cloud innovation centre, or accelerator, in partnership with PeaceTech Lab and AWS to scale up startups that are helping to predict, prevent and end conflicts worldwide. This is the first accelerator focused on peacetech. We believe it will make a difference.”  

Sheldon Himelfarb, CEO and President of PeaceTech Lab said, ”Over the past few years we’ve seen a surge of innovation in conflict zones as cell phone and internet penetration extends further into the developing world. And while we hear in the news every day about ISIS and al-Shabab, we don’t hear about innovative peacetech entrepreneurs building the tools to save lives in their communities. Unfortunately, many of these innovations stay at the local or project level. If we truly want to create sustained peace, it’s important to have a place where these solutions and ideas can grow. That’s the aim of the PeaceTech Accelerator.”

Admiral Mike Mullen, Strategic Partner, C5 said, “There is always a danger of blinkered thinking when it comes to intervention and activities within conflict zones. We need to think carefully as well about how those not directly involved in fighting or humanitarian missions can support themselves and make a difference. Through the PeaceTech Accelerator, we are happy to be identifying the right companies, with the right ideas that can support communities and workers within conflict zones."

The first cohort will enter the Accelerator on 3rd April 2017. Companies wishing to apply for the accelerator program can apply through the portal at this link: https://www.etouches.com/esurvey/peacetech




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