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Using the Power of Radio to End Conflict in South Sudan

PBS NewsHour

The second season of “Sawa Shabab“, a radio drama aimed at helping youth in South Sudan resolve conflicts peacefully, begins this week. The radio program’s next 20-episode season is airing while South Sudan — independent for nearly four years — is still struggling under leaders who are of different ethnicities and are locked in a political dispute that frequently turns violent.

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Countering Hate Speech in South Sudan through Peace Radio

United States Institute of Peace

Reports that the horrific violence that took place in the South Sudanese town of Bentiu recently was partly fueled by hate speech prompts inevitable comparisons with media-driven violence in Rwanda in 1994. While the environments in both countries are different, the consequences for South Sudan are considerable. The U.S. Institute of Peace is seeking to address the conflict with a radio drama intended to help young people understand their potential as individuals, respect differences and join together based on common interests.

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