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The Second Cohort of the PeaceTech Accelerator Looks to Expand the Scope of 'Peacetech'

It's looking for startups that want to use technology to assist communities in crisis.

Five months ago, when Amazon Web ServicesC5 and the PeaceTech Lab debuted their inaugural cohort for the PeaceTech Accelerator, several misconceptions were stacked against the project.

Perception topped the list, according to Sheldon Himelfarb, PeaceTech Lab president and CEO.

“When people think about conflict, they’re picturing bombed-out buildings, bullets flying and chaos. But the fact is, in nearly every conflict zone we’ve worked, we see [technology],” Himelfarb said. “You don’t have to be defined by your immediate circumstances — there’s an outlet for expression, for cultivating and sharing new ideas, and for building something with purpose and value.”

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PeaceTech Lab Welcomes ChannelsTV Nigeria CEO John Momoh as First International Board Member

PeaceTech Lab has taken another step towards securing its position as an international leader in the use of technology, media, and data to accelerate local peacebuilding efforts with the addition of ChannelsTV CEO John Momoh of Lagos, Nigeria as its newest board member.

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Profits of Peace

Worth Magazine

When the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS, rolled into Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, in June 2014, the Iraqi soldiers garrisoned there dropped their guns, discarded their uniforms and fled. ISIS warriors seized abandoned weapons, including reportedly six American-supplied Black Hawk Helicopters, and piles of cash stored in banks.

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PeaceTech Lab and Channels TV Sign Partnership Accord, Agree to Develop Hausa TV Initiative

The PeaceTech Lab and Nigeria-based Channels TV have agreed to pursue joint initiatives using media in combination with data and technology to foster long-term peace and prosperity in northern Nigeria and the surrounding region. The agreement’s implementation will begin immediately with the joint development of Nigeria’s first, independent Hausa-language television news network to serve northern Nigeria.

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Good Governance: A Driving Force for Peace in Fragile States


While it may seem that conflict is constantly bubbling up around the globe, there are scores of people working to keep tensions from boiling over on a daily basis. From creating paths for hostile governments to compromise over natural resources to implementing technology to gather data in conflict zones, there are real strides being made to maintain peace in conflict and “post-conflict” zones. No matter what the method or plan, however, all agree that before any method can efficiently work, good governance must be in play.

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