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Pro Bono at the Intersection of Peace and Technology

CEB In the Community

In the IT practice at CEB, we talk a great deal about how technology is changing the business environment: timelines are faster, available information is exponentially greater, and opportunities to connect and collaborate abound. But this phenomenon is not limited to the business world; technology has greatly changed how conflicts are waged, studied, and—most importantly—resolved or prevented.

An exciting organization working in this space of conflict resolution and technology is PeaceTech Lab, an off-shoot of the US Institute of Peace. PeaceTech Lab’s stated mission is to work at the intersection of technology, media, and data to help reduce violent conflict around the world. It’s a relatively new organization experiencing rapid growth. So when it approached CEB about partnering to scale its impact, CEB in the Community got right to work setting up the best pro bono project to align PeaceTech’s needs with CEB’s strengths.

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