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Report on the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression in South Sudan Since the July 2016 Crisis

United Nations Mission in South Sudan and the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner

This report from UNMISS and OHCHR analyzes the right to freedom of opinion and expression in South Sudan from July 2016 to December 2017. PeaceTech Lab Africa's integral work on hate speech in South Sudan is referenced on page 30.

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Report Indicates Evolving Trends in Hate Speech on Social Media

Radio Miraya

A report by PeaceTech Lab, operating under the United States Institute for Peace, shows that words that were once used against a specific ethnicity in South Sudan are now being used to target different groups to match the changing context of the conflict. Theo Dolan, Director of PeaceTech Lab Africa, says abusive and dangerous language continues to be disseminated across various social media platforms.

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Report Reflects Emergence of New Terminologies to Spread Hate Speech in #SouthSudan

Radio Miraya

A report on the use of hate speech on social media and its impact on the conflict in South Sudan has been released, indicating the use of new terminologies to spread hatred.

The report by PeaceTech Lab, operating under the United States Institute for Peace, lists emerging terms such as ‘terrorist’ to make attacking comments against ethnic groups.

The bi-weekly reports track publicly available dangerous language found on various social media platforms in order to make connections between online hate speech and violent events.

Theo Dolan, the Director of PeaceTech Lab Africa, explains that the purpose of their reporting is to help mitigate the spread of hateful language in fueling violence on the ground.

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Washington DC Based PeaceTech Accelerator is Encouraging Afrikan Startups to Apply for its 2nd Cohort


The Washington DC based PeaceTech Accelerator has opened applications for its 2nd cohort and it is encouraging Afrikan startups to also apply. The 2nd cohort is set to start with the Accelerator program in Washington DC from 8 September 2017.

The PeaceTech Accelerator is an international startup accelerator program focussed on cloud innovation and dedicated to helping startups scale. The program runs over eight-weeks and it includes mentorship as well as a training part which has particular emphasis on cloud technology to help startups and non-profit organizations scale rapidly and sustainably.

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