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PeaceTech is Good for Business


Disruptions and regional unrest in today’s world have far-reaching implications. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that peace is not just a social ideal, but a necessary condition for international commerce. Dr. Rohini Srihari is Chief Data Scientist at PeaceTech Lab, housed at the United States Institute of Peace. Her work has spanned the areas of artificial intelligence, multimedia information retrieval, computational linguistics and text mining. Dr. Srihari spoke with us regarding a multi-purpose technological solution she has developed that delivers critical data for international business and peacebuilding. This technology is called groundTruth, and it provides not only real-time monitoring of disruptive risks across the world, but also historical trends and predictive forecasting across a multitude of factors.

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Profits of Peace

Worth Magazine

When the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS, rolled into Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, in June 2014, the Iraqi soldiers garrisoned there dropped their guns, discarded their uniforms and fled. ISIS warriors seized abandoned weapons, including reportedly six American-supplied Black Hawk Helicopters, and piles of cash stored in banks.

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Big Data's Big Role in Humanitarian Aid


Mission-based organizations, including those helping the recent wave of Syrian refugees, are using big data to improve their response efforts. "Big data can be used to identify patterns and signatures associated with conflict — and those associated with peace — presenting huge opportunities for better-informed efforts to prevent violence and conflict."

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Kelly Hoyedata, OSRxComment
Good Governance: A Driving Force for Peace in Fragile States


While it may seem that conflict is constantly bubbling up around the globe, there are scores of people working to keep tensions from boiling over on a daily basis. From creating paths for hostile governments to compromise over natural resources to implementing technology to gather data in conflict zones, there are real strides being made to maintain peace in conflict and “post-conflict” zones. No matter what the method or plan, however, all agree that before any method can efficiently work, good governance must be in play.

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