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Weekly News Roundup, August 15 - 21, 2013

Media and Journalism

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Media and Journalism

Foreign Media Under Fire over Coverage of Violence
Amid an international outcry over its bloody crackdown, the new government named by General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is putting concerted pressure on the only remaining news outlets in Egypt offering criticism of the violence: the foreign press.
See the full article (New York Times, David Kirkpatrick, 8/18/13)*NYT sign-up may be required to view the full article
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An Afghan Poet Shapes Metal and Hard Words
With his unflinching words, Mr. Turab, 44, offers a voice for Afghans grown cynical about the war and its perpetrators. Even as his social affiliations are narrow and divisive, his poetry has mass appeal. Mr. Turab reserves his charity for ordinary Afghans, weighed down by the grinding corruption and disappointment that have come to define the last decade of their lives.
See the full article (New York Times, Azam Ahmed, 8/18/13)*NYT sign-up may be required to view the full article
Click to read "Responsibility to Protect Weighed Down by Misconceptions" an Olive Branch Post by Jonas Claes.
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Polarised Media Fuels Conflict in Egypt
Starting shortly before former President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, state run media began to rename the ruling political elite. Former politicians quickly became "terrorists" as public channels began to undergo a campaign to publicly rebrand the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice party, as an enemy of the state.
See the full article (Al Jazeera, 8/17/13)
Click to read "Islamic Law: Getting Beyond the Bombast" an Olive Branch Post by Viola Gienger.
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Radio Station Employee Is Shot Dead in Somalia
A technician for the state-run broadcaster Radio Mogadishu was murdered on Saturday, the sixth media employee killed so far this year in Somalia. Separately, in the first such execution in Somalia, a man found guilty of killing a journalist last year was executed by firing squad.
See the full article (New York Times, Mohammed Ibrahim and Nicholas Kulish, 8/17/13)*NYT sign-up may be required to view the full article
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Gunmen Fire on Pakistan TV Offices
Two people were injured earlier today when four men stepped off their motorcycles and sprayed the Express News office in Karachi, [Pakistan] with gunfire. More than 30 rounds were fired at the building. A guard and a female member of staff were taken to hospital.
See the full article (Guardian, Roy Greenslade, 8/16/13)
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Internet and Social Media

Is Facebook Holding Burmese Media Back?
There's much to be said for the unquestionably positive role Facebook has played in facilitating open conversations in Burma's rapid transition. But the nation's media, and its people, need more.
See the full article (Guardian, Jeanne Bourgault, 8/21/13)
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Manning Sentenced to 35 Years for Leaking Government Secrets
A military judge sentenced Pfc. Bradley Manning on Wednesday to 35 years in prison for providing more than 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks, a gigantic leak that lifted the veil on military and diplomatic activities around the world. The judge said that Private Manning was dishonorably discharged. She reduced him to the lowest rank of private, from his previous rank of private first class.
See the full article (New York Times, Charlie Savage and Emmarie Huetteman, 8/21/13)*NYT sign-up may be required to view the full article
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China Steps Up Campaign against Major Opinion-leading Bloggers, to Wrest Control of Internet
Many famous Chinese — from pop stars to scholars, journalists to business tycoons — have amassed substantial online followings. Now Beijing is tightening its grip on China’s already heavily restricted Internet by making influential microbloggers uncomfortable when they post material the government doesn’t like.
See the full article (AP, 8/19/13)
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Washington Post, CNN and Time Websites Hit by Pro-Assad Hackers
Websites belonging to the Washington Post, CNN, and Time have been attacked by supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some links on the sites were redirecting readers to the website of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The breaches have been blamed on a third-party link recommendation service that all three sites used.
See the full article (BBC, Dave Lee, 8/15/13)
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What's New from PeaceMedia

"Syrian Journalists Remain Defiant" - Al Jazeera
Reporters who fled Syria to Europe are taking advantage of press freedom to get their message across back home.
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