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Weekly News Roundup, September 12 - 18, 2013

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How Photographic Technology Shapes Our Understanding of War
Graphic imagery has been an indelible feature of armed conflict from the days of Civil War daguerreotypes, when Matthew Brady and other early photographers captured the horrors of the battlefield. With each succeeding war, as cameras became more advanced, the role of photography has evolved to convey the realities of combat and the agonies inflicted.
See the full article (Atlantic, Peter Osnos, 9/18/13)
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Pakistan's Tech Talents Find App Success
In the midst of [Lahore], a vibrant technological revolution is taking place that is buzzing its presence onto the Internet and beyond. Groups of dynamic young tech entrepreneurs are converging on the city to invent mobile apps that can change the way Pakistan can do business with the rest of the world.
See the full article (CNN, Saima Mohsin and Sophia Saifi, 9/18/13)
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China to Share Space Knowledge
China aims to train astronauts from other countries who will conduct missions with their Chinese counterparts, state news agency Xinhua cited a senior official as saying. China will also share the technological achievements of its manned space programme with other countries, especially with developing ones.
See the full article (Reuters, 9/18/13)
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Syria Crisis: How Bloggers are Playing Part in Weapons Analysis
Eliot Higgins, known online as Brown Moses, is one of a number of specialist bloggers from around the world who have been analysing the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The bloggers have been providing important analysis to governments and human rights groups based on their exhaustive monitoring of social media.
See the full article (BBC, 9/17/13)
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Brazil Postpones State Visit to U.S. Over Snowden Sying Leaks
A state visit to the U.S. by the president of Brazil was put on hold Tuesday in the latest diplomatic fallout from leaks by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden about U.S. spying tactics. Documents leaked by Snowden and published since July alleged that U.S. intelligence agencies had spied on leaders of several allied nations, including Brazil and Mexico.
See the full article (Los Angeles Times, Kathleen Hennessey and Vincent Bevins, 9/17/13)
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Syrian Rebels are Using iPads to Guide Mortar Shells
Syria is host to one of the deadliest conflicts playing out on Earth right now. So it's a surprise to see, in the photo above, what many Americans consider a household item — an iPad — being deployed by Syrian rebels as an instrument of war. The App Store is filled with targeting apps for sport shooters and military professionals.
See the full article (The Washington Post, Brian Fung, 9/17/13)
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Hackers Attack South Korean Think Tanks; Pyongyang’s Cyberwarriors Accused
A group of hackers using Internet addresses accessible from North Korea have been waging an “unsophisticated” campaign to spy on defense think tanks, government agencies and other security-related targets in South Korea, according to computer security researchers. A researcher from the Russian security outfit Kaspersky Lab analyzed malicious software, or malware, that he said had attacked 11 organizations based in South Korea.
See the full article (Washington Times, Shaun Waterman, 9/16/13)
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Afghanistan is Mostly Offline…But Ready to Embrace Social Media
Imagine living in a country where only 3.5 percent of the population use the Internet. A new National Social Media Summit [in Afghanistan] intends to change that trend. To be held September 22 to 23 in Kabul, and featuring some 200 speakers, the event will promote the use of social media as a way to not only discuss current news, but to make news.
See the full article (Fox News, John Brandon, 9/16/13)
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