Season 1: Episode Descriptions


In this action-packed episode, Rose is still upset about the arranged marriage, and things get worse when she is harassed by teacher James. Winnie applies for a national ID but experiences problems, and Richard has to explain to his stepmother why he is a policeman without going through any training.


In this episode of Sawa Shabab, the school principal, Mary, questions Winnie about Mr. James cutting her hair in school. Taban puts himself in a difficult position trying to impress his new best friend, Richard. Rose presents her monologue to the school about the importance of following your dreams.

Episode 6

In this episode, Rose thinks she's found a brilliant idea to stop her mother from marrying her off to an older man. At the school basketball game, Taban and Tony vie for Winnie's attention. Rose finds out if she qualified for the school talent show, and then she confronts Winnie about her relationship with Tony.


The Sawa Shabab youth face even more challenges in this episode. Richard is threatened by an unknown person by text message. Rose considers telling Ms. Mary about Mr. James harassing her after she confides in Winnie. Rose and Choo Choo establish their rivalry by competing in the school talent show.

Episode 2

The drama continues in this episode of Sawa Shabab. Taban's family is low on money and he thinks he has figured out a way to make cash to buy his sister a new school uniform. Richard discovers he is going to be a policeman thanks to his father's influence, while Rose tries to resist her mother's urging that she focus on house duties as preparation for her future marriage.


Episode 1

Meet Taban, Rose, Winnie and Richard, four youth with different personalities and ambitions, each faced with unique challenges as they grow up in South Sudan. While Rose tries to hold on to her dreams, she finds she is being married off to an older man. Winnie, who just returned from America, learns just how different living in South Sudan is when her teacher embarrasses her in front of the entire school. Richard's father, the Police Commissioner, tells him he needs to make better use of his time and therefore has a surprise for him.