Season 2

Episode 1

In the second season of Sawa Shabab, the dramatic series continues to reflect the daily lives of the main youth characters like Rose, Winnie, Taban and Richard. In this first episode, Rose discovers that her dowry price has already been negotiated, and she meets Zacharia, the rich old man from the village who could become her husband. Richard and Winnie are pushed further apart owing to their family dispute. Chocho’s passion for music is tested once again when Cathy shows up at South Taki. Also, Hakim has met the love of his life, and he is eager to share the news with his daughter Winnie.

Episode 2

In this episode, Chocho is convinced that there is something suspicious about her cousin Cathy’s visit to South Taki. Rose, on the other hand, tries to convince her mother to stop her impending marriage. Meanwhile, Taban is disappointed that despite all his plans to rescue Rose, he is not succeeding. 

Episode 3

The intriguing saga continues, as Rose and Chocho find a love poem written by Tony. Chocho thinks the poem was written for her, but is it? Rose is distraught as she wants to finish her education and be an independent woman, but for now it seems like her fate is sealed. Richard is also finding it hard that his tribe is coming between his work and friendships. 

Episode 4

In this episode, Chocho finally learns the truth about Cathy’s visit to South Taki. Although the news Cathy brings from their village is not good, it could enable ChoCho to pursue her dreams. Taban finds a new way to rescue Rose from her marriage to Zacharia, but is it a good idea? 

Episode 5

Winnie has had enough of the family standoff, so she decides to take matters into her own hands by confronting Richard’s father. But she discovers that the dispute is more complicated than she thought. Hakim, her father, has his own plans to have the matter finally sorted out. And Chocho receives an important gift from her mother.