Monitoring and Analysis of Hateful Language in South Africa Report #5.

South Africa’s general election took place a month ago, but the use of hateful language continues and is on the rise. In this past week alone, we tracked a total of 8,542 hateful language posts and a total of 22,075 hateful terms on social media in South Africa. That’s an increase of 26% in posts and 41% in terms from the week prior. The consistent increase in hateful language points to an unsettling trend in the post-election context that appears to be linked to the ongoing legal cases and debates around what constitutes hate speech in South Africa - spurring social media users to further feed into the body of hateful language. Get the full picture of this week’s online hateful language activity in South Africa by reading our latest report (LINK).

PeaceTech Lab, in partnership with Media Monitoring Africa, is monitoring and analyzing online and offline hateful language trends throughout South Africa’s election season to offer insights on the potential relationship between this type of language and instances of violence seen in municipalities country-wide. The fifth report in a six-part series we’re releasing twice a month, this data aims to support South Africans, NGOs, local governments, and social media companies as they work to build an effective response to hateful language in the context of the country’s election.