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Monitoring and Early Warning of Violent Conflict in South Sudan Report #4.

Six years of conflict in the country have resulted in over 380,000 deaths, 2.5 million refugees, and nearly 2 million internally displaced people. And despite the signing of the revitalized peace agreement (R-ARCSS) in August of last year, the formation of a unity government has been delayed by six months and episodes of violence continue to flare. Last week, clashes between NAS rebels, government forces, and SPLM-IO rebels killed eight while ten people were killed in a possible revenge killing between the subclans of Gony and Thuyic.

PeaceTech Lab is committed to helping build a brighter future in South Sudan. Which is why we’re working to provide early warning ahead of the violence. Read (LINK) our fourth of six biweekly reports to see this week’s conflict episodes and our predictions on when and where violence could occur in the week to come. These insights, along with our ongoing hate speech monitoring data, can be viewed in real-time on our data portal page.