PeaceTech Summit 2018 Agenda Highlights

No Ordinary Industry. No Ordinary Summit.

*Subject to change*


8:00am | Registration, Breakfast & Shared Studios Programming

Herat, Afghanistan - The Portal to Herat is located at Code to Inspire (CTI). CTI uses technology education and outreach to provide Afghan women with leverage in their fight for social, political, and economic equality.

About Shared Studios Portals

Summit participants will immerse themselves in a ‘portal’ by Shared Studios, a pioneer in art, design & technology. The portal - a shipping container equipped with immersive audiovisual technology - will be on hand all day at the PeaceTech Summit, allowing our Summit attendees to visit face-to-face with people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, and Mexico in a unique and intimate experience.


9:00am | Welcome & Opening Remarks

Sheldon Himelfarb, CEO PeaceTech Lab


9:20am | Understanding Conflict by Understanding the Brain: Technology and the Human Condition

A live experiment demonstrating the power of music, media, and storytelling to create

empathy. We will equip several audience members with cognitive exoskeletons (wearable devices that measure and display brain wave activity) while exposing them to live or pre-recorded media. These cognitive exoskeletons have limitless applications to peacebuilding, from understanding the roots of radicalization to measuring the efficacy of peace and reconciliation interventions.

William D. Casebeer, Senior Research Area Manager for Human Systems Optimization at Lockheed Martin

Timothy Phillips, Founder and CEO of Beyond Conflict

*With special performance by Madison Leonard and Shea Owens of the Washington National Opera Domingo-Cafritz and Wolf Trap Opera Filene Young Artists Programs.


10:20am | Coffee Break & Shared Studios Programming

Berlin, Germany- The Migration Hub Network creates spaces, where social entrepreneurs and organizations meet to design solutions around mass migration. Our network generates physical impact within communities and connects organizations across Europe. This fosters collaboration between actors in the public and private sector in order to transform the challenges surrounding mass migration into opportunities.


10:40am | 2 Billion Reasons: Facebook Community and Global Security

First Facebook reshaped the way we thought about “Friends” and “Likes.” Now, it’s reshaping the way we think about security and society. In this candid conversation moderated by ChannelsTV CEO John Momoh, VP for US Global Public Policy at Facebook Joel Kaplan and Former EVP of Innovation at IBM Nicholas Donofrio, discuss tech and, more specifically, Facebook’s potential for reconciliation and peacebuilding. How can we amplify the power of platforms like Facebook for building community, above its power for incitement, given that it’s often the mobilizing platform of choice in conflict countries? How is Facebook striving to - in the words of CEO Mark Zuckerberg - “protect communities from abuse and hate, defend against interference by nation states, and make sure time on Facebook is well spent”? How should peacemakers work with the tech industry, and Facebook in particular, to promote our shared interest in a safer, more prosperous planet?  

Joel Kaplan, VP for US Global Public Policy at Facebook

Nicholas Donofrio, Fmr. EVP of Innovation at IBM, Chairman of the Board at PeaceTech Lab

Moderator: John Momoh, CEO ChannelsTV and PeaceTech Lab Board Member


11:10am | New Tools Shatter Old Assumptions on War and Peace

Today's hacks, Twitter bots, and false, algorithm-driven videos threaten governments and societies as much as invading armies of generations past. In a landscape where technology continues to outpace policy, how are the national security and peacebuilding fields working to address the changing nature of conflict? What are the opportunities for cross-sector collaboration? And what holds the most promise for peacetech?

Colin Rule, Co-founder, COO, and Chairman of the Board for and PeaceTech Lab board member

Stephen J. Hadley, Fmr. National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Board at USIP

Nancy Lindborg, President of USIP and PeaceTech Lab Board Member

Brian Paget, SVP of Solutions Strategy at SAP NS2

Moderator: Megan Beyer, journalist & activist, PeaceTech Lab Board Member


11:40am | PeaceTech in the Age of Entrepreneurs

London-based C5 Capital brings the investor’s perspective to the state of the peacetech industry.

Eva Dimitriadis, COO at C5 Capital


11:45 | Lightning Talks: The Future of the PeaceTech Industry... is Now

It's the lightning round! Six entrepreneurs present on the tools, techniques and business models driving the peacetech industry, including:

Powering Peacetech . . . Literally

Ned McMahon, Founder and CEO, Primo Wind

Eliminating Conflict Materials from Tech

Adam Khan, Founder, AKHAN Semiconductor

Away and Peace Direct: New Business Models for Peace

Amirah Jiwa, Director of Social Impact

Social Media Monitoring and Extremist Narratives

Giselle Lopez, Technical Manager, Creative Associates

Violet Tsagka, Management Associate, Creative Associates

Blockchain for Social Good

Alex Kostura, Blockchain for Government and Social Impact, ConsenSys

Radio and Response: Sawa Shabab “Together Youth” in South Sudan

Achol Jok Mach, Specialist, PeaceTech Lab


12:30pm | Lunch in the PeaceTech Accelerator & Shared Studios Programming

Erbil, Iraq - The Erbil Portal is located at the Harsham IDP & Refugee Camp. Harsham Camp is on the outskirts of the city of Erbil in northern Iraq. The camp hosts 1,500 internally displaced Iraqi families who fled the so-called Islamic State take-over of Mosul and surrounding villages in mid-2014. Erbil is the capital of Iraq's Kurdistan Region, which hosts around 1.5 million internally displaced Iraqis and almost 230,000 Syrian refugees. Our Portal in the camp is based in a converted water pumping station. Through it, a young entrepreneur spoke with President Barack Obama and another with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The Portal is made possible by UNICEF Iraq and Terre de Hommes.


1:40pm | The Birth and the Best of the Internet

In 1973, one man helped create two protocols, and the internet was born. Four decades later, a reporter-turned-lawyer-turned-artist put that invention in a shipping container, creating the first "portal" between New York City and Tehran. Together, the pair discuss the foundations of the technology that permeates our lives, and remind us that not all "unintended consequences" are bad.

Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

Amar Bakshi, Founder & CEO of Shared Studios

Moderator: Sheldon Himelfarb, CEO PeaceTech Lab


2:05pm | Demo: groundTruth Global for Early Warning of Disruption

Rohini Srihari, groundTruth Global CEO  


2:20pm | Cloud Activated: Getting Good Ideas Off the Ground

Please join AWS for a discussion about scaling and accelerating ideas with peacetech entrepreneurs working on everything from revolutionizing charitable giving, making children safer with facial recognition, using blockchain and machine learning to measure impact, and bringing the latest innovations in geospatial data analysis to decision-makers.  

Candice Charlton, Global Lead VC and Startups, Amazon Web Services

Kevin Barrow, CEO Mark Labs

Caroline Humer, Director, Global Missing Children’s Center and the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Rhiannan Price, Director, Global Development Program at Digital Globe

Mike Young, CTO at


3:00pm | Coffee Break


3:15pm | Lights, Camera, Action: Building a Peacemedia Network in Nigeria

John Momoh, CEO of ChannelsTV and PeaceTech Lab Board Member


3:25pm | Good News, From The People Who Make It

Media plays a critical role in "Powering PeaceTech," but what does it take to power media? Especially given today's technology-enabled spread of "fake news" and "alternative facts?" Media practitioners, behavior change experts, and leaders of media capacity-building efforts offer leading-edge perspectives on building and sustaining a peacemedia industry.

Bruce Sherman, Strategic Advisor, PeaceTech Lab

Craig Hammer, Global Media Development, World Bank

Susan Krenn, Executive Director of the Center for Communications Programs at Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer Cobb, Vice president of Strategic Outreach at Internews and Head of the United for News Project

Carine Umuhumuza, Director of Communications at Devex


4:05pm | “I Felt I Had Finally Found Myself” Unlocking Youth Voices in Yemen

Racked by violence and humanitarian crisis, Yemen is one of the most difficult operating environments in the world. Yet a thriving community of intrepid youth dare to voice their views of social change online in a program pioneered by RNW Media. Middle East Regional Manager Ruba Mimi presents a short video and narrates the approach to easing conflict.

Ruba Mimi, Middle East Regional Manager, RNW Media


4:15 pm | VIsion made reality: Local labs bring new ideas, new players to peacetech

Robert Zaal, Founder and CEO of PeaceTech Lab Netherlands


4:30pm | Closing Remarks

Sheldon Himelfarb, CEO PeaceTech Lab


4:35 | VIP Reception & Shared Studios Programming

Sponsored by SAP NS2

Mexico City - The Portal in Mexico City has moved around town, garnered major national and international press, and hosted celebrities including TV stars, musicians, and politicians. The Mexico City Portal is run in partnership with TimeOut Mexico, the largest arts, culture, and entertainment guide in Mexico. Since 2015, the Portal has moved to numerous sites including Fuente de los Cibeles, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Platoon Mexico, and Museo Tamayo. For the past year, the Portal has been part of the Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD), located at Chapultepec Park, one of the most iconic spaces in Mexico City.