PeaceTech Lab develops technology tools that are customized to meet the needs of citizens and organizations working for peace and positive social change in conflict zones around the world.

PeaceTech Exchanges

PeaceTech Lab works in collaboration with in-country local expert and organizations to facilitate PeaceTech Exchanges, workshops that empower local peacebuilders in conflict zones and fragile regions to utilize low-cost, easy to use technology in supporting peacebuilding efforts.

Roundtable of Technology, Science, & Peacebuilding and PeaceTech Lab Summit

The Roundtable on Technology, Science and Peacebuilding is an alliance of government agencies, corporations, international organization, NGOs, and academic leaders pursuing technology applications that support the peacebuilding agenda.

the PeaceTech Summit

From government officials to technologists and engineers to peacebuilders, the bi-annual PeaceTech Summit convenes the best and the brightest to devise practical tech solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues.