We Are PeaceTech Lab.

PeaceTech Lab works to reduce violent conflict using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts.


Today, conflict is the reason for nearly all of the 68 million displaced people worldwide. Last year alone saw a record 15 million refugees flee their homes and nearly 8,000 lives lost to terrorist attacks. And the United States is no exception: in the first half of 2018, more Americans were killed by gun violence in schools than while serving in the military. Low estimates put the cost of violence at more than $14 trillion per year, a number that is expected to increase significantly as displacement from climate change and resource scarcity worsen.

But when we put the right tools in the right hands, it changes everything.

We believe everyone has the power of peacetech so we leverage low-cost, easy-to-use tech and local partnerships to put the right tools in the hands of the people best positioned to make a difference: activists, peacebuilders, and NGOs in some of the most violent places on earth.

Our work takes many forms. From our headquarters in Washington D.C., we run a PeaceTech Accelerator for startups using technological innovation to do everything from connecting at-risk youth across Africa with jobs to warning civilians in Syria of incoming missile attacks. In places like Iraq, Myanmar, and Niger, our PeaceTech Exchanges offer training and affordable tech tools to peacebuilders on the frontlines of conflict. And on the data front, our research around issues like social media and hate speech serve to inform policymakers, data scientists, activists, and business leaders while also providing a foundation for predictive analytics and a proprietary platform for early warning of violence. We partnered with Drexel University to launch the U.S.’s first Master’s Degree in Peace Engineering to educate generation after generation on the power of peacetech.

Head on over to Our Impact to meet local peacebuilders and activists from around the world building peace with technology. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find someone who’s a bit like you and be inspired to join the peacetech movement or support our work.


Help Build Peace.

“We are here to retake the soul of technology. To elevate its power for good above its power for harm so that it realizes its full potential - not just as an industry that creates jobs and wealth - but as a peacetech industry that empowers people to save lives.”

- Sheldon Himelfarb, President and CEO of PeaceTech Lab